4 star review by CW:

“Steve is given a key by his barber. The barber tells him to go to a local church and use the key on a little used door and think of Paris. He uses the key and is transported to present day parents and with that the journey is started. Steve invites his best friend and girlfriend to take trips with him and soon learns that it can not only traverse space but also time. With great power comes great responsibility which Steve learns when he throws the key away for a month only to have it return to him. He jumps into the future and learns that the entire world has changed. No he is trying to save the world from when he let the key go for that month.”


4 star review by AC:

“Steve is just an ordinary guy trying to make the most of his life in New York when he is called to the death bed of his barber and given a key. Steve struggles with why he was given the key when it has so much power, for good or evil. Steve soon realizes that the decisions he makes has a great impact on the future and the past. A great story which shows even the smallest decisions can have a great impact.”


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5 star review from MF:

Key_57.321183113_std“What an exciting book with relatable characters! I was entertained throughout and can’t wait for the rest of the series. :)”








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